After years of living a life on the brink of manageable chaos and denial of my mental state due to my childhood sexual abuse, Mankind was there when the chaos was taking over and I could no longer live a lie.

It sounds dramatic, but this is the reality for many men just like me who are coming to terms with their past, dealing with the now and looking to build a future for themselves and in my case for my partner and (hopefully) soon to be family.

My first experience with Mankind was in one-to-one counselling which I attended over a few years. The support I received helped me rationalise my fears and made me feel just a little bit more ‘normal’. The reassurance I was given through talking to someone who was prepared to listen to me, without judgement and who genuinely wanted to help, stopped me from losing a grip on reality and everything I had. My journey during my counselling was hard and felt like a scary place, but knowing Mankind was there made my journey a less treacherous endeavour.

During my time away from Mankind my life had dramatically changed for the better but wanted to re-engage with my past once more and seek Mankinds help.

This time I would meet men just like me, with experiences just like me but from an outside perspective were nothing like me at all. The empowerment I felt meeting these men and knowing that I was not alone in my experience and feelings was one of the most significant and healing experiences since starting my journey with Mankind. With the support of the mediators, the group helped me re-connect with myself and others and led to my ongoing healing and development with a real future to look forward to.

I am now giving back to the organisation that has given me so much by using my time and skills to help further Mankinds’ reach by developing their brand and online presence so that more men just like me can benefit from this invaluable resource and safe space.